A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Precipice is a short art game inspired by Shane Cotton's Red Shift. In creating Precipice I wanted to capture the tension inherent in Red Shift and the striking contrast between the birds and their hostile surroundings. To me the birds in Red Shift seemed to be hanging on to life but only by the barest of threads. Their doom felt inevitable and the only question was how long could they survive for. It was this feeling that I wanted to capture in Precipice. There is no happy ending, the birds will always fall. How long they survive is up to you.

Install instructions

To install and run Precipice:

  1. Locate the downloaded file (typically will be in your 'Downloads' folder).
  2. Extract the files. On most platforms you can do this by right clicking on the downloaded file and selecting 'Extract here'
  3. To run Precipice after extracting it double click on the Precipice icon. If you need to change resolution settings then hold down the Alt key while it launches.


Precipice for Windows 60 MB
Precipice for macOS 67 MB